Irked at 2am

Just got into it with the snow-removal crew out in my apartment’s parking lot. They’re out there with two guys walking around with what looks like leaf-blowers, at 2 in the morning! Walking right near our windows, loud as could be. And it’s currently snowing, so I have no fucking idea what they think they’re accomplishing by blowing snow around with what sounds like chainsaws. Went up to the one operating the truck plow and asked him what the hell they think they’re doing at this hour, and he said his job. Told me to take it up with my landlord if I don’t like it. I told him I’ll be sure to put in a negative review for his company on since he chose to be so unprofessional. My next-door neighbor man followed me out there too and was throwing a fit alongside me. Said his dog is flipping out over the noise, which is sure to wake up more neighbors. The driver acted like he couldn’t care less, but shortly afterward they took off and now we’re back to quiet. Good.

My companion is in here trying to sleep, needing to get up early to install his new water heater. And all that snow-removal guy could say to that is he has to do his job too. But at 2am??  Since when do snow-removal crews do residential work at that hour? I guarantee if I lived in a house and fired up a snow-blower at 2am my neighbors would call the cops, and I’d likely be cited with a noise complaint. So why’s it different for an apartment complex? Is it because we live in this area’s “vertical ghetto” where nobody gives a fuck what us residents think? Probably. But there are houses right across the street, and I imagine their residents aren’t too pleased either.  irked_smilies

I’m not one to throw a fit over noise usually, and plenty of my neighbors get rowdy from time to time (myself too occasionally). But damn. That was too much. These weren’t snow-blowers like the ones you push that throw snow up in the air. No, these were basically leaf-blowers being used to uselessly scatter snow as loudly as possible. This city has a love affair with loud-ass lawn equipment, I tell you what. Never have I seen so many leaf-blowers in my life before moving here. And leaf-vacuuming rigs too — that was a brand-new sight for me after moving here. People actually pay companies to come with a team carrying leaf-blowers and then use a huge vacuum to suck their leaves into the back of a truck. Then they drive the truck down the highway with leaves blowing out all over the place. Stupidest contraption known to man. Heaven forbid people use rakes anymore or lawnmowers equipped with mulching blades that cut the leaves up in small bits that can be added to a compost pile. No, no — gotta bust out the fossil-fuel-powered noise-makers and blow leaves all over the place. I have witnessed on several occasions men wandering around using those blowers IN THE STREET where there are practically no leaves. Like, what good is that going to do? What are you aiming to accomplish there besides pissing off the rest of the world with more mind-numbing American wastefulness? I swear to god, I can’t comprehend it. I walk in neighborhoods everyday and notice people doing this weird shit while making a ton of racket in the process.

And so now they’re going to start blowing around snow?? Even while it’s snowing? Get the fuck outta here with that. Total and complete waste. Why do people pay for that? The plows I understand, just not those loud-ass blowers, especially not when it comes to snow. Or at 2am.


Update Nov. 25th, 2014: I haven’t reported that company on Decided to let it go this time since reviews can be a big deal to small businesses. Hopefully they’ll chill with that shit in the future though.

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11 Responses to Irked at 2am

  1. Wyrd Smythe says:

    Wouldn’t surprise me the company is running as many shifts as possible to get as much income as possible while they can.

    • Byenia says:

      But using leaf-blowers on snow? It would’ve been far more effective to use a broom or a shovel, and a lot less noisy at 2am.

    • Byenia says:

      Plus, it’s a lawncare company, as most snow removal services around here are, so they earn income year-round.

      • Wyrd Smythe says:

        Yeah, but everyone is hurting ’cause of the bad ‘conomy.

        • Byenia says:

          I don’t know. Seems like our lawncare companies around here are doing pretty well. And my business continues doing well. The local economy here isn’t in jeopardy the way it is elsewhere in the nation. Lots of finance companies here with a good many elite types relocating here from New York and California. A couple of our suburbs made it into Forbes list of best places to live at present. So most are not exactly slumming it in this city. Us service providers are actually kept quite busy.

          • Wyrd Smythe says:

            Okay, why do you think they were out there at 2 pm, then?

            • Byenia says:

              I understand they’re trying to complete a bunch of jobs during the hours they can. And I don’t care about that. Just hated the leaf-blowers being used right outside our windows. And I normally do not see them doing residential snow removal at that hour.

              • Wyrd Smythe says:

                I have seen the after-midnight part of it before. After the first snowfall, or after a really big one, it’s not uncommon to see them well after midnight. I’ve figured they got caught by surprise or caught by the amount of work (and we were clearly far down on their priority list).

              • Wyrd Smythe says:

                But the leaf-blowers is nutzo. The more I think about that… Just about the loudest possible lawn implement, and — as you say — of really questionable value. Someone was very unprepared, very lazy or very cheap! (Or just stoopid.)

            • Byenia says:

              My neighbor asked the driver of the plow and he admitted they had shovels — the other guys just preferred not to use them. Hence why I told him I intend to write a review on AngiesList for their unprofessional conduct. Loudest piece of lawn equipment — yes. Of questionable value in that scenario — yes. At 2am — very uncool. Then admitted they had shovels but chose not to use them. Ridiculous.

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