Dammit, Canada!

Keep your cold air up north! We weren’t ready for a 40-degree drop in temperature overnight. Today sucked! Cold as Hades, and the wind was god-awful. And the pets weren’t too happy with conditions either.

This state has the craziest weather that swings to such abrupt extremes. Can’t barely stand it. If not for the two special men in my life, I would’ve moved somewhere warmer years ago. Like living in Siberia up here. Ugh!!!  cuss

Why, oh why, does Mississippi have to suck so much worse? Drove me away to a northern winter wonderland in an attempt to escape southern ridiculousness and ungodly heat (and bugs and snakes and insane preachers). Feeling too settled now to up and make a new start somewhere else though.

But every winter here I worry how many more I have left in me. Drains my soul dealing with the blusteriness of the Midwest. Yet so did the Southern summer heat. Can’t win for losing. no_nod  Wishing I was in a place like Cuenca, Ecuador, where the weather stays 68 degrees year-round. That’s always sounded like a slice of heaven on earth to me.

Ugh…brrrrr. So here we go again with another biting, cold-ass season. Maybe if I didn’t work outdoors it wouldn’t make so much of a difference, but I do and it does. Not fixin’ to switch jobs though, so this ends up being mere empty griping into the wind (pun intended).

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