An unusual circumcision legal battle (accompanied by my feuding with MRAs over its exposure)

Made a video a few days ago in response and reaction to a news story that I was shocked to have not heard about sooner, having to do with a 4 year old boy in Florida named Chase whose parents are battling in court over whether he will be circumcised:

More information is available in that video’s description box and comment section. Better yet, watch the video that originally tipped me off to this case, created by a patriot who goes by the handle Representative Press:

Or you can check out local news coverage of the case:

“Judge put a gag order on the mother fighting for her son to not be circumcised”:

May 2014 local news article on this case:

The reason I focused on the MRM there is that I’d be willing to bet money that had the mother been the one trying to force this issue instead of the other way around, this case probably would’ve been heavily publicized in the so-called “manosphere” on youtube as well as on AVfM (A Voice For Men), a site billing itself as the biggest and most popular men’s rights activism venue currently available. Instead we see people shooting the messenger because Rebecca Watson brought it up in a video several days ago, yet I haven’t so far seen any MRAs on YT showcasing this case in their own videos.

My blathering on the topic seemed to spark a little more attention for this case, which is what I was aiming for, though my reaction recorded was how I honestly felt at the time and still is how I see it, even after arguing with a handful of MRAs on the topic. Didn’t yet know about twitter hashtags for something called #i2 or how many intactivists had actually been spreading the word for months, and I’ve since decided to follow those groups so I can be made aware sooner if ever there is a next time. Relevant twitter feeds I’ve come across this week are:

I’ve been tracking Chase’s Legal Fund donations daily since learning of this story and have donated a couple times already to go toward the appeal, with hope of being able to kick in a little more before the week is up. If you’d like to help out as well, click here:  We currently have until Dec. 1st, 2014, to reach the stated goal.

Frickin’ travesty how much it costs to fund an appeal in the U.S. Highway robbery, no doubt.

As for MRAs getting butt-hurt over me framing the issue as I did — oh well. They antagonize and piss off lots of other people, so I see turnabout as fair play in this instance. They have choices on where to focus their attention, and there are literally thousands of people who call themselves men’s rights activists online. Yet every time I turn around they’re locked in useless pissing matches with internet feminists or wailing about gamergate or they’re busily collaborating with their MGTOW groupies on framing all of life’s problems as direct results of “gynocentrism.” I don’t understand what most of them are angling for, other than to irritate feminists which isn’t terribly helpful in addressing issues confronting many, if not most, males. Yet when I pipe up and state this, I’m accused of being a “concern troll” who’s telling activists how to manage their activism. Gets bizarre in a hurry.

For example, today Dean Esmay, the managing editor at AVfM, took it upon himself to call me out as a “liar” and a “snake” (not to mention “abusive” slap ) on my video posted above’s comment section and on twitter for daring to be critical of the MRM (men’s rights movement) and AVfM in relation to Chase’s case. Whatever. Pretty typical. But my ambition isn’t to make friends with gender ideologues stuck on stupid. As I’ve stated before elsewhere, I’d be open to a high-quality men’s movement that actually does address matters relating to men and boys without wasting so much time and energy worrying about what Anita Sarkeesian is doing or saying and that isn’t weaving a destructive ideology to mirror what we’re seeing in feminism these days. But if that’s their priorities, expect that people will voice criticisms and complaints. Comes with the territory for any political movement to be subject to scrutiny. I got disappointed because more of us could’ve been made aware of the case sooner. Proved to me, yet again, that I’m better off seeking on my own rather than relying on gender ideologues to bring up pertinent cases, regardless of what they may officially claim to care about and focus on. (Shortly after making my video, I learned that several popular MRAs/AVfMers are subscribed to intactivist feeds and a reddit channel where Chase’s case has been actively promoted. Yet…they didn’t do much, if anything, in the way of publicizing it on AVfM or among the MRM on YT. Why? It’s worth asking.) There appears to be a mismatch between their proclaimed priorities and what is demonstrably emphasized by a good many of the most vocal and public among them. That’s a problem for me, and maybe it’s due to holding political movements to pretty high standards these days, having already dealt with enough bullshit in feminism to suit me for one lifetime.

Then again, I don’t consider myself much of an activist. I donate to causes pretty regularly, but I loathe politics and all the chicanery that is par for the course in that realm. Appears no political movement is immune to it either (and I have had experience volunteering in the peace community and can attest to stupid political pandering playing a role there as well). So, am I bitter about politics? Yeah. Am I a bit of an asshole? Sure. But I’m not aiming to lie or deceive or play games here. Just observing, pondering, reacting, and responding, which I’ve made clear many times is my modus operandi at this point.

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