“Splitting the Atom”

Not really in the mood to write much here. So I’ll just post a song:

That was “Splitting the Atom” by Massive Attack.

The lyrics:

The baby was born
Nettles and Ferns
The evening it chokes
The candle it burns
This disguise covers
Bitter lies
Repeating the joke
The meaning, it dies
Pass me a coat
I’m not afraid to leave
I’m letting you know
I know what you need
I’ll turn you around
This beautiful town
And then you’ll believe it when your eyes then deceive you

It’s easy, don’t let it go
It’s easy, don’t let it go
It’s easy, don’t let it go
Don’t Lose It

It’s getting colder outside
Your rented space
They shadow box and they
Paper chase
It never stops
And we’ll never learn
No hope without dope
The jobless return
The bankers have bailed
The mighty retreat
The pleasure it fails
At the end of the week
You take it or leave
Or what you receive
To what you receive
Is eternited leave

It’s easy, don’t let it go
It’s easy, don’t let it go
It’s easy, don’t let it go
Don’t lose it

Incandescent light at doors
In adolescent menopause
In little clicks you got the music stops
The needle sticks and the penny drops
The summer’s gone before you know
The muffled drums of relentless flow
You’re looking at stars that give you vertigo
The sun’s still burning and dust will blow
Honey scars, I’ll keep you near
Our blood is gold nothing to fear
We killed the time and I love you dear
A kiss of wine, we’ll disappear
The last of the last particles
Divisible invisible
The last of the last particles
Divisible invisible

“Honey scars” — that’s an interesting pet name for one’s lover. Quite apt, when you really stop and think about it.

[Btw, can’t vouch for the lyrics since I copied them from elsewhere and not from an official source. Bold emphasis mine.]

Been listening to this song pretty routinely lately. Just strikes some sort of chord in me right now. Clicks…makes sense. Modern times, crazy as they are, still at the end of the day wind up being just another cycle in a countless sea all back throughout history. And it does appear true that we humans never learn, at least not as an aggregate. Just can’t apparently, and I don’t even think I can fault us since it’s just the way it is. Our technologies outpaced our collective ability to manage them wisely. We are all indeed mere apes-of-sorts, animals in our own right, sophisticated as we may be. That’s the tragicomedy of it all — we take ourselves so seriously as we bumble about knowing not what we do. Seems to be what humans are good at.

Best to love the ones we can in what time remains for us. More and more that’s becoming my position in this life. Stand up for those needing to be stood up for, while being mindful of how out-of-control shit’s become all across the board and the unlikelihood of that drastically changing within one or even three generations’ time. We’re living in a spiral, and the best of times have likely already come and gone. That’s just the way it can be sometimes — nobody chooses when they’re born. We must simply work with what we have in whatever amount of time we have, based on what matters most to us as individuals and as cooperative alliances. Might sound far-out to some, but these thoughts strike me as simply getting down to the bare essentials. In my existence, love matters tremendously. I’ve not always done right in proving that, but I firmly know it now.

[Updated 9/13/2014 after listening to this song yet again and to add lyrics and commentary.]

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