Sharing some of the works of Reverend Billy Talen (view-worthy post)

First off, it is important to watch the documentary “What Would Jesus Buy?”:

That was the full video available for free. Watch it.

Now as we move into fall and the major holidays are approaching it’s especially important viewing. Muy importante film, IMO. Been a big fan of it for a several years now, viewed many times, and love to share it with others and give it as a stocking stuffer.

Helps to keep an open mind when watching Reverend Billy & The Stop Shopping Choir, recognizing that Reverend Billy is a dramatic performance artist, an actor/activist, and he uses this gift to imitate Christian evangelists as a schtick to spread his critique of consumerism and the destruction of the earth.

For example, Reverend Billy’s Freakstorm: The End Of The World:

Don’t give up on him yet. Here’s him and the choir protesting at Chase Manhattan bank. The man has balls, that’s a given:

His latest reported arrest (September 2014):

Reverend Billy Freakstorm: The Consumers Consumed The Consumer”:

Eye To Eye With Katie Couric: Reverend Billy (CBS News)”:

“Reverend Billy Talen’s Black Friday Message: Sharing, Not Shopping”:

“Reverend Billy Talen preaching about NYC neighborhoods”:

Here’s his TEDx talk:

Yes, he’s a bit of a liberal nut. But I don’t rightly care. His views are largely compatible with my own. Not identical, but at least largely not incompatible from what I’ve seen from him thus far. And I’ve watched quite a lot and visited his blog and even donated to his mission before.

On climate changes and sustaining ourselves:

Let it be understood that I am not a fan of the “climate change movement,” as it’s popularly thought of. Actually highly critical and piss off plenty of people. BUT, if it’s true, we’re screwed. But, if there’s time, it’s a question of how to sustain ourselves in ways that cut out or greatly reduce what we’re relying on currently. There are options available, so it’s a question of what human ingenuity manages to do with them. I’ll be very curious to see what new ideas spring up as we continue forward.

Just a big fan so I had to share his stuff, wacky as it is. His heart is in the right place, that I do honestly believe.

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