“Humans Need Not Apply”

Another quality video produced by CGP Grey on automated technologies and their replacement of human workers:

Honestly, I’m not so sure there’s reason to envy conditions future generations will be up against. Much as the idea of having machines and computers do everything for us seems like it will simplify and improve our lives, it also solidifies the grid people live within and will render a significant portion of the population obsolete and disposable. And what then?

This is why talk of disposability is no longer a gendered concern. It’s coming for everybody apparently.

If countless people are rendered unemployable, will that not likely usher in more government programs in response? I’m willing to bet it will. And this tangled web just winds up getting more gnarly.

My Luddite brain says this is the wrong way, but that humans are going to go there anyway (since we’re already there), 90 to nothing, because technology is all the rage and is redefining life as we know it. Through our insatiable quest to explore and create everything imaginable, we render our own selves obsolete in the process. Amazing when one deeply thinks on it. And there’s no going back now, no way to retreat, nowhere to hide. We like to think we know what we’re doing, but it’s all trial and error figured out along the way. We like to think advancements are always progressive, but I guess that depends on how one defines “progress.”

The question of psychological well-being within this modern framework rarely seems to present a problem for most, because people like to believe that too can be remedied by some new technology. We seem to think science and innovation can forever and in all ways save us from ourselves, but I don’t accept that. Seems instead the deeper we collectively go down this rabbit hole, the more we as humans lose power over ourselves and our environment. We become pressured to behave as automatons too, which is distinctly non-human.

Realistically speaking, this is probably going to play out a lot more dystopian than utopian. But we like to learn things the hard way apparently, or at least some do and talk the rest into following along. Some lessons you never recover from though. Either way, I have to accept that I don’t have a dog in that fight since my lifespan is limited and I will create no children. People seem to want it this way, and this drive can’t be stopped. So…I sit back and observe. What else can a person really do right about now?

[Edited for typos and greater clarity 9/8/2014.]

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