“Blocked you and I blocked them too…”

Been passing this around so might as well post it up here too. Such a funny song:

That parody was by DeStorm Power. Cracks me the heck up.  hehe

If only I could be block-happy.  LOL  Been tempted many times on my YT channel. The good news, though, is that Youtube reinstated the banning feature to where it not only makes a person’s comments invisible only to yourself but removes them from the channel entirely. So I’ve been told anyway. Good feature to have, in all honesty, since some trolls and haters like to take it below the belt, and not everybody needs to put up with that. My own position up until now by-and-large has been to let our idiocy stand as testament, though I’ve noticed some commenters have chosen to delete their own comments since. *shrugs*

Anyway, the musician above is very talented and has a whole range of videos worth checking into.

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4 Responses to “Blocked you and I blocked them too…”

  1. vklaatu says:

    Some of your trolls just need to get laid.

    • Byenia says:

      Maybe so.

      • vklaatu says:

        I told one of them that I refused to take him seriously because he took himself far too seriously. Too many people preach Individualism and yet have no time for the individual. Anyone who is so emotionally and intellectually constipated that he insists that the State intrudes automatically in your life through a woman’s crotch doesn’t really deserve to be taken seriously in my opinion.

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