True talent can make way for opportunities (videos of Anna Akana)

Wandering around the internet, as I commonly do since becoming a hermit (ha), and decided to check out a channel I subscribe to but hadn’t looked at in a minute. This being Anna Akana’s channel. The lady is truly talented, as an actress, a filmmaker, and a vlogger.

“T Minus Two”:


“Why women are ‘crazy’ “:

“How to be badass (by association)”:

“on burning bras”:

“Emergency Call”:

“Why Girls Are Gold Diggers”:

“I’ve Been”:

“Yes, I am Sexy.”:

“be uncomfortable”:


“How to put on your face”:

“Running out of ideas”:


“Short Films: Let’s Talk Money”:


“I have a problem.”:

On that last one I’ve gotta say I could have easily said the same thing when about her age (in terms of feeling like the world was my oyster if I just put in the effort and hone my skills). Then shit changed. Fault and blame — runs and circles around. I know. Just sayin’. Shit can change in ways we never could’ve expected; for whatever reasons we drop the reins. Courage, motivation and vision. (My problem is a lack a vision beyond day-to-day life anymore. And apparently this isn’t too uncommon. Wasn’t always this way, but it’s crept up on me over over time. Actively resisting becoming jaded in my 20s… seems I proved unsuccessful. And that’s my obstacle to deal with. Be that as it may.

“How to Level Up”:

Anna is trying to make a name for herself, and I give her props. She’s undeniably talented. And she tries to keep it real at the base level. I respect that. Came across her channel a while back and appreciated it ever since, coming back around from time to time to check it out. Recommended youtuber.

These sort of people make me wish I was talented too.  ha  But life shakes how it does. Gotta each work with what we can.

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