End the WARS

Escaping into humor can be good for the soul from time to time, especially when you’re drawn toward sitting with and examining something like this:

Fucking heart-breaking. Period. End of sentence.

Un-Goddamn-necessary! Why do we live like this? Why do we accept this reality? Don’t tell me it’s always been this way! Never before in human history prior to the 20th century did we possess the technology to fuck vast numbers of people up like this. We don’t even have to have troops on the ground anymore to do damage. UNPRECEDENTED. Drone strikes! Missiles! Bombs! Sophisticated killers we have become.

I am not opposed to weaponry, I am opposed to what it is being used for. One has to draw the line somewhere, and this shit is unacceptable. All these civilians dying and families suffering and communities collapsing. WHY??? For what just cause?? Because we are still stupidly unable to control ourselves, unable to share the space, unable to agree on shit. Fuck us. We’re failing. As nations, as peoples, and as a fucking species. We’re fucking up. In what way does it not look like that is the case?

Modern life is insane. It really and truly is.

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4 Responses to End the WARS

  1. Wyrd Smythe says:

    Well, you know I agree completely. There are always the occasional asteroid we can pray for. You know, God’s way of asking, “So,… how’s your space program going?”

    • Byenia says:

      *sigh* It’s so crazy how so many people out here claim to not want this, and yet we seem powerless to do much to stop it. Gives me a total guilt complex…

      Asteroids…yeah…maybe that’s what it will take to hit the reset button.

      • Wyrd Smythe says:

        It’s classic “spoiler” dynamics. How you can add a teaspoon of sewage to a barrel of wine, and now you have a barrel of sewage. A little bit of shit goes a long way.

        No point in feeling guilty about it, since it has nothing to do with you. Take heart in that, if not an asteroid, there’s a really good chance we’ll kill ourselves off pretty soon now.

        • Byenia says:

          It has to do with me/us in so far as my government has created and/or exacerbated these problems, typically in service to economic interests and/or to maintain its citizenry’s standard of living. It is my problem so far as my tax dollars contribute toward funding injustices, as well as so far as it’s my/our responsibility to keep the reins on our government. We have all failed at this task, whether through ignorance, greed or apathy.

          And those are my people too, ya know. Half my blood was provided by the Middle East, and in those images of their children I can’t help but see what my children may have looked like. I just can’t help but see the connection, despite always having been an American. Call it an emotional reaction, but it is what it is, and I can’t deny it.

          A little bit of shit certainly does go a long way…

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