The foolery of Stefan Molyneux

I’m aware Stefan Molyneux (a podcaster on FreeDomain Radio) was a speaker at the recent AVFM convention up near Detroit and have watched the video footage. Hmm… You want my honest reaction? Why was he ever invited? Won’t deny he came across as very charismatic and funny in places, BUT…he’s a weirdo and a liar promoting bad/false ideas (the baseless claim that average women hit their 7 month-4 year old children over 900 times a year sounds accurate to anybody out there, really? How loosely must we define “hitting”?), not to mention is a true-blue sexist. Care for a few examples?

Following are excerpts pulled from his podcasts (date and podcast numbers are listed on each video so you can verify the content and context yourself, courtesy of Tru Shibes).

[SERIOUSLY? Got Tru Shibes’ channel shut down. tongue_out  Commies. Well nevermind then. Not much to see here except comments to videos that no longer exist, aside from the ones I found mirrors for.]

“The ‘World’s Greatest Philosopher’ explains HooHoo-nomics theory … including difficult concepts like vagina firing squads, giant testicle mashers, and irresponsible wombs”:

“Estrogen Based Parasites” [found a mirror for this one]:

“Stefan Molyneux expects his wife to financially support his dreams of podcasting about how women are parasites that use men financially”:


When his wife met him, he’d been unemployed for two years. Yet his major gripe to the world is how women parasitically live off of men? Sounds pretty hypocritical.

Keeping that in mind…

“Molyneux Complains Wife and Child Are ‘Money Detonators'” [found a mirror of this one]:

Care to see something really weird?

Stefan to Physicists: “Go get a real job!!” [found a mirror of this one]:

Yup. He really said all that, a mere 4 months ago.

Why MRAs would want to consider him on “their team,” I do not know:


That was Stefan Molyneux arguing in favor of calling the cops in order to thwart a pal from cheating on her significant other. Huh. I’m not too cool with that suggestion right there. Noooo. He’s trippin’! How is someone’s consensual sex life a police matter? Because she had a few drinks and chose to willingly engage in sex with a man, how the FUCK is that police business? For someone to claim to be an anarcho-capitalist while advocating that the State be brought into personal matters that don’t concern it — wow. Just wow. Why? Because the sanctity of our romantic commitments require police enforcement? What the hell? That completely boggles my mind. She had a few drinks, yes, but she was coherent and resisted her drinking buddy’s intervention, so that’s it, she made her choice. It is what it is, but most certainly isn’t a reason in this case to call the police (and yes, I listened to a large portion of the actual podcast before jumping to conclusions). Frickin’ busybodies…

In other news, this man claims to have never felt a need to defend himself physically and assumes the majority of us out here are also in the same camp:


My brain shuts down after a while. Watched a few of his podcasts in the past but chose to move on. Appears that our worldviews are fundamentally incompatible.

From my vantage point, after directly checking out some of his stuff over several months, he’s ultimately a corporatist paying lip service to “free market” ideas. He doesn’t really want the State to disappear, not at all, he just wants to see it privatized, recognizing we live in a time of transnational corporate expansion and its increasing global political domination. Much as I protest government’s size, scope, and general disconnect from the will(s) of the citizenry, I have ZERO INTEREST in turning over all power to what will amount to corporate rulers. Fuck that. Sounds like a worse fate to me. But apparently not to him.

[Bummer that the videos were removed.]

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