Some change will do me good

Made up my mind to start eating healthier once again. Fell into a slump the last 2-3 years while dating my most recent partner since he’s into cooking rich foods (and is a fantastic cook, I might add) and has no tolerance for whole wheat breads or vegetables not soaked with butter. But he works in a physically-demanding job where he can work off all of those calories whereas I do not.

And soda — the man reintroduced me to soda! He knows he did too, devilishly luring me in with the addition of spiced rum. haha  Shame, shame.

Heap stress on the mix and it’s proven to be a recipe for me gaining a bunch of weight. I’m ready for that to change though. Ready to return to less-processed foods and enjoying meals that I cook at home to suit my own taste.

So, yesterday I spent a couple hours at the grocery store stocking up on more wholesome foods that make me happy. Not diet foods contaminated with aspartame or similar nonsense since that stuff is for the birds. Just trying to get back in the groove of cooking for one at home once again using better-quality ingredients.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life, so I keep hearing. Savoring delicious foods is one of life’s sweet luxuries, as is maintaining reasonably good health so as to enjoy life’s spoils. In short, I miss feeling perkier. Plus, experimenting with recipes used to be a fun pastime. Never been much of a cook myself, but I get by.

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