Received an email about my biological father

My stepdad sent me an email recently that I just noticed today mentioning some tax form my mother filled out back in 1994 where she listed the (supposed) name of my biological father. My dad (that is, my stepdad, the only dad I’ve ever known) didn’t provide the name yet but said he’d forward it along to me if I’m interested, and I am. She told me back around that same year that his name was Mohammed (sp?) Harbi, so I’m curious if she wrote the same thing down there too. She’s not big on telling the truth, so it’s always remained a mystery.

Kinda weird news to run into today. Guess I’ll just have to wait to see what she claimed on that form before paying it too much mind.


Dad called this afternoon and we had a good chat. She had written down the same name, so new news there (thank god). I’ve opted to post the man’s name because I’m told it’s about as common as “John Smith” in America.

But I did learn that Dad remarried…back in December…interesting to learn…

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  1. Wyrd Smythe says:

    Both sis and I are adopted. She made an effort to locate her bio-parents (I have no interest in it); apparently the bio-dad is still alive. Recently she heard from him, so she’s been looking into that. (I haven’t heard from her since my mom died in March, so I have no idea the status.)

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