Loose thoughts on the anti-feminist sentiment

I have mixed feelings over the anti-feminist sentiment expressed by plenty in the online “manosphere.” Me personally, I do not consider myself anti-feminist so much as non-feminist. Feminism, taken as a whole, has had its positive contributions, legally and philosophically, but it has also overstepped in many places and increasingly appears to have gone haywire. The more I continue to learn about how feminism has developed in American society, the more aware I am that it’s turned into bubblegum lunacy on the surface and serious political dysfunction underneath. But whatever. Cultures are influx — just the way of modern times. We see where we’ve been, so now it’s a question of where to go from here.

As stated many times already, this whole system as it stands today appears unsustainable on innumerable levels. Might keep it running on for many years to come, but eventually it’s going down. That’s what I personally see. And inside this super-society we have all these bureaucracies and special interest groups and incestuous relations between Big Business and the government. Feminism is asserting itself today as a definitive part of that scheme. It bolsters a Big Government setup, full-on. Because what is feminism without the power of a State to back it up? It relies on Big Government to legally impose an increasingly restrictive way of life on the citizenry. Dogma + the power of the government = tyranny. Feminism has developed into one arm among many in this modern beast of a society that’s been constructed over the last century.

Human aspirations gone wild. Politically. Economically. Scientifically (and pseudo-scientifically too). Socially. Romantically. Professionally. A whole new world. Unprecedented in scope and complexity.

We live in the era of rapid game-changing. Not entirely brand new, been going on a long time, just sped up as time moved on, and now here we stand.

Leaves me not knowing most days whether to laugh or cry. Crazy times we live in.

Because of this realization I try to exercise greater patience with my fellow humans and myself. We were all born into this and can fall into traps without realizing it for years, if ever. Humans have an ingrained need for a sense of belonging — it’s just natural. But now we live in a time when it’s out with the old and in with the new, which includes bringing more and more people the option to identify with an assortment of mass movements. Takes shit to a whole other level.

How few stop to question if everything’s gotten too big and too complex to where it’s become a machine operating on its own after having gathered enough momentum? And is this even the right road to be traveling on? I don’t personally think so, which leaves me out here in outfield observing what’s unfolding.

Dismiss that as the backwardness of some freakish paleo-paleo-paleo conservative (or uneducated, unenlightened ape) if one must, but that’s pretty much the vantage point I’m operating with nowadays. So all this feminist vs. anti-feminist, Republican vs. Democrat, leftist vs. rightist, Big Government vs. ambitions for Bigger Government, religiosity vs. atheism, widespread educational indoctrination, corporatism run amok, etc., etc., etc. bullshit does nothing really for me. Though I can’t help but take note since this is the present reality we’re contending with, it’s so off-the-hook to where I do what I can to take a step back from it all. Crazy times being an understatement.

So what is anti-feminism to me? Just another “ism” in a sea of plenty. People want to fight and feud, then fine. We’re prone to do that. Though I hate to see us lose sight of the question of what it’s all for. Where are we trying to go to from here? Are we becoming little more than a bunch of nihilists pursuing entertainment, and if not, what are we as individuals and groups striving for? What end goals are people envisioning out here? And do they really think expanding State power is the best way to achieve these ambitions? I, for one, do not.

It comes down to all being a big question.


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