Going on record about my feelings toward America

Thinking tonight, while researching some home defense gun options for a girlfriend, about how hard I come across on the U.S. government and my fellow Americans. So it probably deserves to be stated that for as much as I bitch and worry over the state of my country, that’s not meant to insinuate living in any other country would be better. Never lived outside of the U.S. so I wouldn’t be the one to ask about that. Irregardless, living in the U.S.A. has its upsides. Americans, for as stupid as we’re commonly portrayed on television, actually have a lot going for us. For one, we live in the most individualism-tolerating nation up to date. That’s no small perk when it comes to exploring ideas and expanding the scope of one’s imagination.

For as sheep-like as we as a people may have become, the stubborn spirit of freedom hasn’t abandoned us all yet. Might never. Perhaps our asshole-ish potential is, in a weird roundabout fashion, what can save us. We’re a rather rowdy, cantankerous lot overall, especially when feeling indignant in the face of perceived injustices.

One problem seems to be we spend copious amounts of time seeking out people to disagree with rather than searching for what common ground we do share. Bonds keep breaking down. People distrust one another, and for good reason often enough. And what can reverse this trend? Focusing on the fundamentals we can share in common.

Unfortunately though, while we’re debating the merits of freedom of speech, our government is behaving like a runaway train and so much is being privatized that corporate dictates supersede the Constitution. Yet so many of us argue on and on for years over clashes of ideals.

It appears I am incapable of not talking about the downside to American life and politics…

Anyway, not wishing to run on, just wanted to simply state that I am not a hater on where I live and come from or who all I’m surrounded by, much as I grumble on the subject (and am swayed to thinking we are indeed fast-becoming an idiocracy-of-sorts). Not even a hater of all things government-related. Highly critical, yes. But Americans are all right. Lots of good people out here. Just born into crazy times and led in radically new directions thanks to all of our sophisticated technologies and formation of complex hierarchies. There’s so much going on in today’s world that no one of us can hope to wrap our mind around it all. Doesn’t help being information and propaganda overloaded — but where in the “civilized world” isn’t?

Could be better, could be worse. We’re all forced to contend with what we have and what we were born into. Appears modern ways of living are generating increased apathy, but that’s another topic for another time.

Strange times indeed… for Americans and everybody else.

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