“Psyche, Cosmos, and the Psychedelic Experience”

Came across another video on the topic of psychedelics and expansion of consciousness, this one by Matt (0ThouArtThat0):

His talk there reminded me of a book by Joseph Campbell titled The Inner Reaches of Outer Space: Metaphor as Myth and as Religion. I should reread that one sometime. ‘Course I should just read more in general. Been slacking off for the last couple of years, taking my dear sweet time to get through each book. But there’s so many books I’d love to get to and explore.

His talk there also got me thinking of Erich Fromm’s writings after he mentioned Freud and Jung since Fromm expands on and critiques plenty of what they proposed. I really need to get back into transcribing. There’s just so much by Fromm I’d love to highlight and re-ponder on.

Damn my laziness! Why must youtube be so addictive?

Anyway, good video. Like to watch Matt’s channel from time to time, and he also includes lots of interesting food for thought on his blog as well.

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