Tuesday evening in May tunes

Some tunes struck me in a new light today.

Beginning with White Stripes’ “No Home For You Here”:

Listened to that earlier after talking with the lady neighbor mentioned in the previous post, and it really struck a new chord in me.

Been avoiding listening to that song for a while now since it upsets me for other reasons, but today it appears I’ve re-purposed it. The breakfast and “breaking baubles” part reflects the popular fantasy.

Sometimes people do need to get the fuck out. And I’m careful in saying that, recognizing the shortcomings I have to overcome. Sometimes family or relationships turn into insanity in a way that just isn’t sustainable for all involved. That’s the way life goes. Good to give one another chances and work with each other, but there are lines we draw in the sand. Trying to figure out how to set more appropriate boundaries myself.

Another song I re-listened to for the umpteenth time today and love was Fleetwood Mac’s “I’m So Afraid” (below being a live performance from 1982):

Probably already shared that song on here somewhere, but no matter. Deserves to be shared again. Lindsey Buckingham was an amazing artist.

Another song I’ve surely shared on here before but continue to adore is Michael Franti’s “Love Invincible,” which I’ve also been listening to recently once again:

That song is like therapy. Gotta hear it. Healthy to listen to it.

And I am forever mesmerized by that hoola-hoopin’.

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