My stocks are up

Before my stepdad decided to fade away into oblivion he sent some money my way (why, I do not know — very out of character for him since he’s so incredibly frugal), part of which I decided to use to open up a ROTH IRA through Etrade (after confirming that the government cannot seize this investment for student loan repayment). Invested about $1000 initially, and a year later my stocks are up and have boosted my portfolio by $146. Not too shabby. That breaks down to a 23% increase for my Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan, Inc. (POT) shares that I purchased 10 of at $28.83 each (now trading at $36.77) and a 9.42% increase in my HudBay Minerals, Inc. (HBM) stock that I bought 83 shares of for an average price of $7.91 (now trading at $9.05).

Not bad for this little first-time investor.  happy

Doubt I’ll be around in nearly 30 years to withdraw this money, but I’ve named a beneficiary and am content investing on his behalf if I’m not. That’s assuming the market doesn’t somehow go haywire before then. Either way, I treat this as an experimental learning experience.

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