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Some people are impossible to deal with, at least for me. Appears there’s no reasoning with them.

Ran across a channel I’d have been better off avoiding. Found it through a link in a comment on one of Carpo719’s videos where he was calling out MGTOWs as douchebags. I understand where he’s coming from as someone new to all of that and immediately confronted with some guy repeatedly calling him a “cunt.” Not too constructive, to say the least.

But I was wandering around the internet and decided to follow a link posted and wound up on sexyMGTOW’s channel. *sigh* Wish I hadn’t. Watched his video about women being sick where he claimed women are geared toward bringing about our own extinction (how we’d go about that without bringing about the extinction of the entire species is beyond me, though I’m sure he’d point to technology somehow saving mankind but not womankind). Weird stuff. Probably shouldn’t have even commented, but that sort of thing is what’s really painting a negative picture of MGTOWs in the minds of folks who stumble across those kinds of channels and videos. Did for me, and I’ve heard the same from plenty of others.

So then the guy came out calling me sick as a result of my comments on his thread. Big shocker there.

Ya can’t reason with someone like that. I wouldn’t know how to go about doing so. I personally see Americans as growing sick — all of us, males and females alike, even if it manifests in different ways across the sexes and among individuals. It’s a sick society with a crazy-making, unsustainable setup, and that trickles down to each person. Can’t seem to avoid it. So many people feel depressed and anxious nowadays, and some take it to the extreme and wind up becoming very destructive as a result. It’s a tough situation that bothers me and isn’t something I just wish to grumble back and forth about with someone who holds an obviously slanted view on where we stand today. Beating women over the head with the notion that we’re biologically unfit or inherently psychologically fucked up or whatever else we’re categorically accused of just isn’t helpful. People actually are suffering out here, from their own life choices and from realities foisted upon them. That’s a fact of life and isn’t something I care to treat as an opportunity to bash and belittle people.

How does one convince an asshole of anything if they’re dead-set on believing whatever suits them? You can’t. Lots of folks treat life as nothing more than a game because they don’t really believe in anything anymore, if they ever did. It’s just one long joke, one big attempt at remaining entertained, even at the expense of others. I won’t pretend to comprehend that. Some of these people out here on the internet push fruitless ideas, I suppose simply because they can. Need someone to label as the enemy so that they themselves can feel better. Well, gonna have to find someone other than me to debate with, because I already know there’s no point in me trying to say anything. What I do say doesn’t make sense to them anyhow. Never claimed to be some great debater and outright stated that I’m not interested in debating that particular character. Depressed me to even listen to the two videos I’ve sat through thus far. Bad for the soul, that sort of shit is.

Thankfully some who embrace the MGTOW label aren’t so narrow-minded and antagonistic on that level. But when you come across people like that guy, it doesn’t leave a good impression, especially not for many of those who are new to exploring the “manosphere.”

Created my own video today that in a couple places mentioned interacting with that dude:

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