Examples of feminist fascism

A Canadian show called The Agenda with Steve Paikin aired an episode titled “Free Speech: At What Cost?”:

The comment section of that video is blowing up, and my own comments on there managed to draw the wrath of Sael Palani (not that that’s shocking).

I’ll repeat here a little of what I said there. Respect is being left out of the side of the conversation put forth by feminists. To think that it’s fine to obstruct peaceful lecture hall events and to drown out speakers you happen to disagree, defending that as just the feminists preferred form of protest, is ludicrous and incredibly unfair and disrespectful. I know for a fact that feminists would be howling like no other if people came to their events and drowned out their speakers in just such a fashion. We’d never hear the end of it and those offenses would likely make it into history books.

It would probably help to post up the clip of what occurred during Dr. Fiamengo’s speaking engagement:

Tell me that isn’t total bullshit. Canada must be off the hook for that to be allowed to go on (though I won’t pretend we don’t have plenty of bullshit of our own to contend with down here in the U.S.).

Still watching at the 13-minute mark. So much horseshit.

Now 36 minutes in and am still blown away by how childish and disruptive those protesting CAFE are behaving. This is just ridiculous and wrong. And it’s shit like this that cements my reasoning for refusing to accept the label of “feminist” any longer. People ask me all the time why I chose to abandon the label years back, arguing that we’re all supposed to be on the same side. But what side is that? That’s not on my side. That’s not on the side of fairness and equality of opportunity and true freedom of speech. No, that’s bigoted bullying behavior, plain and simple, and I, for one, don’t have patience for those shenanigans. It’s corrupt and does no one any real good, not even the feminists there though they may like to think they’re winning. This is not some zero-sum game, and actions like this wind up hurting us all in the end.

I can’t fathom what these feminists at the Ottawa event must be thinking to believe these actions are justifiable or appropriate in that setting. No, that’s corruption-in-action, and we have to be willing to look at ourselves and what we’re doing and see it for what it is, consider it from another angle or two and ponder on how we’d feel if others did that to us. Because what goes around will eventually come around, and I don’t want to see all of this blow up into something much worse. We’re all going to suffer if we keep heading in this direction, that I firmly believe is true.

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