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“The Reason Why You Can’t Keep Up With The Jones”:

“Be like Allstate when choosing a mate!”:

Here I must express my disapproval for basing dating around looking up each other’s credit scores. Criminal background checks are more understandable to me, but focusing everything around past finances gets to me. Probably because I’ve never had good credit. But still, I pay the bills that are necessary and am not planning on marrying again anyhow. I realize Redd is a proponent of marriage, but I personally have problems with the State claiming a monopoly on the institution of marriage. Total side-note there, but just sharing thoughts.

But otherwise, I do understand the need to set standards with romantic partners. Past behaviors can give a person insight into potential future behaviors…but we don’t entirely know. I’m much more interested in learning about a man’s prior choices and actions than what he has to say on the topic. Then I evaluate what he does have to say. But I’m out of the dating scene and hope to not have to return to it.

My 20s were a learning process, for sure. And I’m grateful to finally hone my feelers better so as to assess, attract, and maintain better quality people in my life. Some have proven to be good role models whom I’m grateful to glean from even as I take time in carrying out portions of their advice. I’m glad for three friends in particular at this time (and a 4th too whom I’ve been friends with a long time, whenever she finishes being mad at me about however which ways I’ve managed to offend her this time around). Plus Grandma. Can’t ever leave out Grandma. That’s a lot of people when you stop and think about it. Dedicated friends don’t grow on trees.

Blessed be. I’ll leave it at that.

“If you don’t know NOTHING else KNOW THIS!”:

Very true. Painful lesson to learn though.

Interesting channel.


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  1. Redd Velvet says:

    Thank you for sharing my videos on your blog. We may have different points of view but I like reading your blog.

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