Wonder why they call you bitch?

Actually got to feeling a bit better this afternoon. Not sure if writing it down in my public blog had anything to do with it, but perhaps it did since it’s a shedding of closeted frustrations. Will get around to editing the last couple of posts in the next day or so. When I get upset it all looks like doomsday, but then once I take a step back again it doesn’t look quite so bad since a lot of time has elapsed.

Then I was reminded later that I ought to go back and note how bewildering I find women to be, seeing as how I mentioned the anger I carried around toward men. Must have slipped my mind since I don’t have a whole lot to do with women in any close capacity these days, save for my Grandma and one girlfriend I speak with on the phone, both of whom live states away. But then, lo and behold, an ex-friend decided to run her mouth after I had just done her a favor.

Probably mentioned her on here before. Was friends with her for a couple years while she dealt with her grandma’s cancer and consequent death. We couldn’t have been more different types of people had we tried, but we hung out I suppose because we had nothing better to do at that time. She’s an angry one, angrier than me in terms of spouting off willy-nilly and throwing fits and boiling over at the slightest provocation. Kinda blew my mind back then, but I tried remaining patient with her since I knew she was going through rough times. Then I got word that my Papa was diagnosed with lung cancer, then I had to go in to have a breast tumor removed, and within weeks she just faded away without a goodbye. She had begun hanging out at some country-western club and made some new friends and found them to be more fun. It hurt me, but I never called her again, not wanting to bother with it if she didn’t want to stick around on her own volition.

That was 4 years ago. I see her mother from time to time and always liked her, so we’d speak. Then one day about a month or more back she mentioned her daughter had a job for me, and the only reason I agreed to it was because I like her mother and appreciated the favors her mother had done for me over time. So, time came around and arrangements were made, and I did the job for her last weekend while she was off at some festival in Colorado. Fine. Wasn’t happy about it, and turned much less happy when a.) she left her home a total mess that stunk, and b.) she didn’t leave payment. Whatever. Did the job. No major trouble was had. And she texted me frequently checking in, morning and night.

Was supposed to return her key yesterday but there was a mix-up and flights were missed, so I waited until today. She texted me instructions that were kinda vague and didn’t make a lot of sense and wound up sending me driving around to places where no one was present to return the key to. Okay. Texts again to say where her mom is, and I stop in to deliver the key and while there mentioned payment was due, assuming she would be the one to pay me since this gal hadn’t and wasn’t even mentioning how she planned on settling up. I don’t trust her, no, and why would I? Her mom settled up with me and said she’d have her daughter reimburse her. No problem since those two visit one another constantly.

Then I take off to grab a late lunch/early dinner and to head to my last appointment after texting the gal back to say I’d left her key with her mom. About an hour later I get an angry text that didn’t make a lick of sense, saying things like she told me to drop the key off within “a couple hours” so why did I assume she meant within “two hours” (??) and then acting all indignant about her mom paying me, making it sound like I was concealing this fact from her since I hadn’t mentioned it yet (as if I don’t know she and her mother speak on the phone 14 times a day). Just off-the-wall stuff that didn’t compute, making it sound like I was somehow scamming her or something.

Told her I’ve been busy working and planned to get back to her (she seemed upset that I didn’t respond immediately to all of her texts, but that’s just not how I am with most folks — if it’s not an emergency, it can wait a little while). Told her it was nice of her mother to settle up with me on her behalf and that I didn’t get why she’s so upset. The whole idea behind why she invited me to do that job was supposedly because she trusted me more than some stranger, considering how long they’ve known me. And I am trustworthy in that sense and resent being made out as if I’m pulling some bullshit. No, just trying to get paid since I no longer trust her and she’s been giving me the run around. That was rude and uncalled for. Her mother offered, so I don’t see the big deal.

I knew better than to ever even take that job, and I won’t be doing anymore favors for her ever again. That’s just the way she is — extremely demanding and expecting things her way, right away. Well, whatever, but I don’t answer to that bullshit anymore. Next time she can pay someone full price or ask one of her so-called friends to help her out. Done taking orders from that one.

Not that it was unexpected that she’d get like that. I figured on it. She’s just a bitch. Always has been and prides herself on being one. And as is usually the case, she manages to maintain a support network willing to put up with her shit, so she has no incentive to change.

And that right there is a big reason why I don’t go out and try to make female friends. Gets tiring being talked down to as if I’m some sort of redheaded stepchild. I’ve been decent to her, didn’t bring up the past when she came back around (nor did she), just didn’t want to get taken advantage of, which seems smart considering past circumstances.

Now, I could say a good bit more that’s highly unflattering about this particular woman. Damn-near makes me look like a quality individual by comparison to the shenanigans she pulls. But she knows, and I know, and she knows I know, so that’s good enough. Hopefully she’ll return to staying the hell away from me, because I don’t have time or energy for that one’s unnecessary drama.

But, all in all, she’s been reduced to a minor irritation in the big scheme of things, further remedied by us continuing to go in our separate directions.

And now I’m back home and chilling, sipping a beer, taking it easy, done with this day.

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