The inspiration behind the much-touted “Arab Eyes”?

Got a random question from out in left field. I’ve wondered occasionally where these beautiful Arab-inspired makeup and garb tutorials pull inspiration from. I realize it harkens back to the belly-dancers and temple servants of yesteryear, but I’m wondering how long ago and in what societies such expressions of feminine beauty was once popular. Because what we know of Arab countries nowadays is that most decidedly are not down with lust-inducing displays of femininity of that nature. Does that suggest this Islamic fundamentalist trend is relatively new or did it just spread to encompass more Arab territories over time that had previously been more “liberal”? My research into that region indicates Saudi Arabia and, to a somewhat lesser degree, Iran are most especially “conservative” in this regard, or at least Iran swung back toward being so due to the political regimes that were installed several decades back. Afghanistan is comparably a whole separate matter and doesn’t require of female citizens to cover up as much. Pakistan has been “radicalizing” in the same direction as Saudi Arabia in recent times.

But during what time period and in what cultures did these beautiful, exotically-decorated women exist who inspire modern-day “Arab eyes” glamor trends?

arab_beautyPardon my naivety.  A very brief glimpse into the subject via wikipedia links belly-dancing to Egypt and Turkey in particular and appears to have been “discovered” by Westerners while traveling abroad within the 18th and 19th centuries.

For now I’ll just leave this question here for future inquiry.

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