Things that make you go hmmm

Just watched and was responding to this gem by TheMythofFeminism where he’s playing semantic games over the whole creation of life process in trying to frame men as the “creators” of our species while minimizing women’s role as mere “incubator.”

Well anyway, I said something about that sounding like something I’d expect from an evangelical creationist type and that feminists aim to frame shit in the same sort of way to make it seem like women hold a superior position. Then it hit me how feminists have been aligning with the Christian Right, bizarrely enough, in recent years so as to go tag-team on the anti-pornography business. So if guys like this employ feminist tactics to bias their conclusions in an attempt to favor the male sex, is it just a matter of time before a number of MRAs and/or MGTOWs align with the Christian Right in an attempt to ban abortion (or could that come about vicariously through aiming to bolster paternal rights, an idea suggested by TAR ICO in the comment section of that video)? Maybe so. Never know. Never expected mainstream feminism to find reasons to bond with patriarchal Christian types either.

That whole becoming allies so as to achieve a common objective (even if sworn enemies) bs makes me uncomfortable. Politics is saturated with that shit enough already — seems no movement is immune to it.

Better check yourselves before you wreck yourselves. But you won’t.

The flight from boredom produces many odd results…

But who really cares about the future anymore? Looks like we’re just a bunch of nihilists now, dreaming of test-tube babies, with some fantasizing about doing away with the other sex altogether. Weird. It’s not only unnatural, it sounds like a mindfucking bad idea. But humans are going to do what humans are going to do.

Personally it looks like we’re actively creating hell on earth with such nonsense aspirations, but people (generally speaking) tend to need to step in it before they figure out where they stand.

Guess this is the downside to two generations raised up on a steady diet of science fiction novels and films. The authoritarian mindset warps the technological possibilities to suit agendas and then sets to spreading memes to others who feel oppressed and are seeking some sort of advantage.

The human imagination is an amazing, powerful vehicle — that much is true.

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