Late Friday night comedic amusement

Humor is good for the soul too.

Let’s start tonight off with Adam Sandler’s “Ode to My Car”:

Not a good video to accompany the song, but oh well. Love listening to that one. Been a fan of that album since I was 16.

Here’s his skit “The Severe Beating of a High School Janitor”:

“Mop, mop, mop all day long. Mop, mop, mop while I sing this song. Gonna wax that floor, gonna make it shine. Gonna take off the spray paint with turpentine.”

That little diddy goes through my mind more often than I care to admit. telletubby2  The power of memes…

Adam Sandler — “Excited Southerner Gets Pulled Over”:

Haha  I love those.

The ’90s were very…interesting.

Case in point:

Actually preferred that version to Will Smith’s. So went the legacy of Bill Clinton…NAFTA, CAFTA, 3 strikes laws, then “Gettin’ Sticky With It.” If nothing else, his escapades served as a brilliant distraction from more serious shenanigans he and his Cabinet were up to.

I grew up listening to some odd shit:

That was “Fuckin’ in the Butt” by David Allan Coe.

Here’s a song I don’t terribly care for but that has implanted in my brain unfortunately thanks to a former client giving me the album:

Wasn’t too amused initially, but this one song for some reason stuck around in the nether regions of my mind. Gee, thanks for that, Man I haven’t seen or spoken to in years.

I should be in bed by now. Got stuff to do first thing in the morning. But I’ll go ahead and start another post while I finish the last beer.

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