Violence is committed by humans, not males exclusively (as is evident)

Watched a few of bane666au’s videos before and listening to this one currently, “Violence is not something done by men, its something done by humans”:

At the 12:38 mark now. Not big into listening to talk radio/podcasts…but I get that it’s illustrating Australian mainstream attitudes.

Since I’ve been on youtube it’s been interesting observing how European and Australian “mainstreams” seem a little more “liberal” than our “mainstream” in the U.S. Not that the terms “liberal” and “conservative” are very meaningful anymore, but just sayin’ that Europe and Australia actually appear to be way more into feminism. Blame John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, and a history brimming with rebellion for masculinity not being completely castrated over here yet. But give people time. Ever greater ‘domestication’ appears to be coming for all whether we like it or not.

Now finished, I dug the second half’s conversation and am in total agreement that violence is a human issue, not merely a men’s issue, and it deserves to be treated as such. Not all forms of violence divvy up equally between the sexes obviously, but still the fact remains that humans are a potentially violent lot. That’s just the way it is.

Hence why I never fully grasp those who take my videos as me castigating males for being potentially violent. They are. As am I. Such is life. My own concern has more to do with how we’re unnecessarily pushing one another’s buttons and creating more contention than need be. Life’s hard enough without us all jumping to take sides and go to “war” with one another over every social issue in sight, and through all the antagonism going ’round I do expect more violent outbreaks in fed-up individuals going forward. That applies to both males and females. Sometimes I’m focusing on males, other times I’m focusing on females, and oftentimes I’m just thinking about people in general. Violence happens. Always has, always will. It’s more a question of why and how and to what extreme.

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