Music is life

A big part at least. For me anyway.

Switching gears once again…

Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side”:

Grew up with that one, it having come out a decade before my time. One of those essential songs of modern times.

I, for one, indeed took a walk on the wild side. Stayed there throughout my entire 20s in fact. Lots of novelties and temptations out in society. There referred to as trappings for a reason. For better or worse, right?

One of my absolute all-time favorites, “Time of the Season” by The Zombies:

WaxBadgerVinyl also had this gem among his channel offerings:

Used to own the Rocky Horror soundtrack and adored it. Ha!

Back to classic rock with Paul McCartney & Wings’ “Listen to What the Man Said”:

Paul McCartney & Wings singing “Maybe I’m Amazed”:

Love that song. Not so much a fan of Paul McCartney as a person, but many of his songs are glorious. That one really speaks to my heart. Humbling and exhilarating all at once. Gives pause and reminds me how fortunate I am for the abundant love in my life.

Classic rock is my preferred genre, my default.

That was Electric Light Orchestra’s live performance of “Turn to Stone.”

Very likely my favorite song from Lynyrd Skynyrd, “Comin’ Home”:

That one cuts straight to my soul. Wouldn’t know how to explain the feeling that comes over me when I listen to that tune.

Another that’s gotten down deep inside me is Van Morrison’s “Moondance”:

Such a beautifully executed song.

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