“Where is the world heading?”

Food for thought:

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4 Responses to “Where is the world heading?”

  1. Zach Brown says:

    This is a direct reply to the headline of the blogpost. I assume all your existential angst will quickly evaporate now that you realize that responses of such exactitude are available in real time.

    • Zach Brown says:

      This is the completion of the previous comment.

    • Byenia says:

      I don’t know what you’re trying to say. Just posting up a video from the Jubilee Center since I had for forgotten about their channel for several months. I do worry about what the future will hold for humanity, though I wish I’d let these concerns go and just accept that what’s coming is coming. But I just can’t seem to accept what we’re doing here, and it’s all a big paradox because both individualism and collectivism taken to extremes will lead us off a cliff. That’s just a really tough situation for us to wrap our minds around, and I don’t know what we could do about it even if we could.

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