Late-hour gospel moment

Because the mood struck me, as it does from time to time. Didn’t grow up listening to these songs, but I took to them as an adult agnostic.

First off, I’ll share what songs I’ve uploaded by The Blind Boys of Alabama, beginning with “Run On (For a Long Time)”:

Next up, their song “Getting Better (All the Time)”:

God, I love that song. Hits me somewhere deep. Wish I could say I’m getting better all the time, but I suppose I am doing better in some ways than I once was.

That song really moves me. “I’m not what I ought to be, but I’m better than I used to be…” Lord, how I do hope that’s true.

The next one is “Nobody Knows the Trouble I See”:

Some asshats down-thumbed that one, for whatever reasons. I assume they’re disgruntled atheists who can’t appreciate either the amazing vocal talents of The Blind Boys of Alabama (who are actually blind btw, and near-anciently old) or the beautiful “Christ of the Abyss” statue I chose as the visual to accompany this mournful melody.

Here’s the song by Ben Harper titled “Where Could I Go (But to the Lord)?”:

Damn. That one messes me all up every time I hear it. What a gorgeous song. Speaks to my spirit.

One that’s been playing in my car again recently, Ben Harper and The Blind Boys of Alabama’s “Satisfied Mind”:

I don’t personally yet have a satisfied mind, but I do love the energy of that song. I imagine the man singing down in the audience there does have a satisfied mind, and that makes me happy for him. He’s worked hard for a long time spreading the word as he understands it, and he’s done an extraordinary job.

Another song I deeply appreciate is Ben Harper’s cover of “Well Well Well” (here performed with The Blind Boys of Alabama, live at The Apollo):

dig a hole in the ground straight down to hell
’til there ain’t no more water in the well, well, well
when you’re down on your knees with nothing left to sell
try diggin a little deeper in the well, well, well
well, well, well

Such a great song.

Here’s the first video I uploaded to my YT channel, the Dixie Hummingbird’s version of “Nobody’s Fault (But Mine)”:

I am quite the cinematographer. ha

Now, here’s The Blind Boys of Alabama’s song “Old Time Religion”:

Another from them I’ve listened to many times over the last several years is “Wade in the Water”:

One that continues to bother me is “Motherless Child” by The Blind Boys of Alabama:

That’s a tough one for me, but I do listen to it occasionally.

“Sometimes I feel like a motherless child a long way from home…” Very true. It’s a feeling I’m coming to terms with being a permanent fixture in my life. Accepting it is necessary, since denial isn’t an option.

I still do love my mother on some level. Can’t help but do so. But for the most part I let her go and keep our current communications to a minimum. It’s better this way, and people on the outside who say otherwise really don’t understand the situation. Some people you need to cut ties with, for your own sanity. I maintain what I’m able, but the trust has long-since been destroyed. People change, sometimes, but not always enough. Love might go on, but relationships may need to be checked. Because some folks are harmful even when they don’t mean to be, and there’s a limit to all of that if one wishes to keep shit on the level. We work with what we’re able.

Lastly, for this evening, The Blind Boys of Alabama’s “People Get Ready”:

Long-time drawn to that song as well.

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