Life as an eccentric who doesn’t mind journaling to herself out loud…

…isn’t bad really. It’s been nice leaving bars alone over the last year-and-a-half. Saves me money and unnecessary drama. I can smoke in my own apartment, for however long that will last until some law is introduced to nip that too in the bud. Can enjoy dining in (have spaghetti on cooking tonight to share with my companion). Get to mix wine spritzers to my own liking and without paying $6 minimum for each glass (I find it nice to sip a little moscato or riesling over ice with a little ginger ale and water — lets me enjoy myself without going overboard too early in the evening), and I can do it all in comfortable attire, no makeup, with my hair drying.

Now that the internet ate TV through evolving beyond it by making our sedentary experience interactive it’s all the more addictive, especially the “vlogosphere” side of youtube, come to find out.

After years of behaving like an extrovert and feeling the need to be physically in the presence of people, it’s kinda nice taking more time in my own space and spending face-to-face time with others more sparingly. Just the way I feel right now. Heck, I get irritated in the grocery store and you can’t barely get me into a mall. This has been the trend. Not that I intend to shut out my local buddies indefinitely. But it’s been interesting watching and listening to people speak online, where we can move on at will and take in what someone’s saying at our own speeds.

It’s really fascinating. And I realize repeating that makes it sound that much more like I live under a rock—ha—and I do, but it’s just that I truly find the world we’re creating to be a sophisticated oddity of unprecedented proportions. It’s fantastic, but also fatal in ways. Socially-uprooting is one way to describe it. Not to mention psychologically burdensome. Hence why so many seek mental escapes.

Right now I suppose I’m in cocoon-mode, and perhaps phases like this are healthy and needed from time to time.

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