Goddamn YouTube and Google+!

Thanks for fucking up YouTube yet again, Google. tongue_out  Now my comment sections are all wonky. I went to watch updates explaining what’s happened and why I’ve been forced to sign up for Google+ in order to still be able to comment on YT (ugh, tried avoiding that forever), and it appears this is all according to some grand design, because Google can NEVER leave well enough alone.

I worry about the approaching date when I find the internet as mindlessly stupid as I find television. Grrr… so aggravated. Nothing online can ever remain the same, nope, gotta tweak and screw with every inch of it, always. And for what? So some companies can better target us for advertising? I tune that shit out to the best of my ability already.

If someone ever would come up with an alternative to Youtube and Google I’d happily pay some reasonable amount on an annual basis. Seriously. Then we could skip the ads and the bullshit, which would be terrific.

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  1. mortalez says:

    I thinks the problem is this,

    you come up with a great idea, put it on the web people flock too it, venture capital firms throw money at it, it grows more, you go public in the form of IPO, it grows more, then the investors want a return on their investment, value drops because of investor complaining, you search for a way to monetize, you make money monetization methods turn users off, your no longer cool users go somewhere else, now your the next myspace.

    • Byenia says:

      No, I’m referring to a private company, or rather, one influenced and directed by its customers. No invasion of our privacy, no advertisements since we agree to pay a small yet reasonable amount — it would be profitable enough and there’s no reason to open it up to the stock market. That’ll just wreck it like it has Google.

      You’re misunderstanding my point, I think. Can’t remember exact numbers youtube is pulling in, but let’s just go with an easy generic number for this example: 1 million subscribers. And I can imagine this on a reverse sliding scale, so let’s say in the beginning people agree to pay a higher amount per year to help launch the site and allow it to grow (and folks may choose to donate to the project). Let’s say these initial members agree to pay $50/yr. and there are 10,000 of them. That’s $500,000 in the first year. And once the site grows to have 1 million members, the amount could be reduced to $5/yr. (or less!), which still brings in a hefty sum each year. That’s big enough for any company. And as it grows, the price reduces. There is really no reason that we’re handing over ungodly amounts of money to companies that aren’t even properly serving our interests, and it’s because we’re not their customers. Not really. The advertisers are, and we’re just invited to shop, which apparently somehow is proving very profitable. (I nearly never click on ads and am very practiced at ignoring them online and offline.)

      Anyway, this is just what I envision, though I realize the objection is that the server demands are too expensive, but I wonder if some sort of workable grassroots option isn’t possible. And if there is and those who create it promise not to sell out (no finger-crossing like Google pulled), I’ll agree to kick a little money in that direction. To regain control of the internet would be fantastic, but again, it does come down to creating alternatives.

      • mortalez says:

        There was an opensource answer to facebook the kinda went nowhere it would have been great because nobody would have controlled it but also the old guys have invaded the net and ruined it. I read an artical years ago that predicted most of this, it was called ” the death of free” but there is still allot of free online, but free at the cost of privacy.

  2. Byenia says:

    You’re talking about Diaspora? If so, I tried that out but it’s pretty different or I couldn’t figure it out, either way I quit dealing with any of them. I do dabble a little with twitter so far as posting articles or posts, but not really for communicating back and forth. Quit using IMs years ago too. Consider me a Luddite. ha The world is leaving me behind…

    • mortalez says:

      I miss the early days of the net, it was like the old west very few rules or laws, now all the bs from the outside world has invaded, but all that did was drive the cool stuff underground.

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