Music’s good for the soul

More tunes are called for this evening.

Another song that came on over my headphones today while out walking:

That was Ted Nugent and Molly Hatchet performing Mountain’s “Mississippi Queen” on Charlie Daniels’ “Volunteer Jam VII” album, another CD I own and love.

Here’s a goodie:

That was Charlie Daniels Band performing one of my long-time favorite tunes, “The South’s Gonna Do It Again.” Damn right the South needs to do it again, just not in the way that was tried before. To be more clear, what I’d love to see is that spirit of emancipation and secession flood back into our hearts and minds and energize us to think about alternatives to where we’re currently headed, which is decidedly greater centralized authority, claimed both by the federal government and major corporations. Until Americans are able to stand on their own two feet, all this talk of “freedom” and “equality” is just that — talk. Meaningless jabbering about ideals that don’t really matter if we’re living like a bunch of dependent babies, clamoring for greater society (via the government) to provide in large part what we need and want and to elevate us in status through some magical legal means. It’s so much bullshit to think that what we have going on today is a sustainable setup.

We’re fucked so long as we remain as dependent as we’ve become. Until we learn once again how to get our hands dirty and do for ourselves, we cannot help but live as parasites on a host. Or, if you prefer a nicer analogy, infants dependent on their parents for meeting their needs. Because whether its the government’s teat or a corporate teat, it’s a teat all the same. Welcome to the reality of what’s become of us Americans.

Here’s a song from Charlie Daniels Band’s Volunteer Jam VII album that I uploaded to YT yesterday:

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