Trying my hand at boiling peanuts

Boiled peanuts is one of my favorite snacks of all-time, yet you can’t find ’em up here in the Midwest. Not even the canned variety. Can’t even find raw peanuts to boil. So normally I have to wait until I head back down South to visit Grandma (usually twice a year, but will be only once in 2013) before I can enjoy my favorite treat sold at roadside stands.

In fact, my Papa used to boil peanuts and sell them roadside, along with snow cones and watermelons. It’s common down where I come from for people to set up shop right out of the back of their pickup trucks, and it becomes a necessity for folks who are either temporarily unemployed or too old to do much else.

So anyway, several months ago I came across this video providing instructions for the boiling of peanuts:

And I have about 2 lbs. of peanuts in a stockpot as I type this. It will be 4-5 hours before that batch is cooked, then I’ll do the same with the remaining 2+ lbs. Why so many lbs. of peanuts for one little Southerner? Well, because I had to order my raw peanuts and have them shipped here, and that’s the smallest quantity they come in. I’ll tend to the pot as I come and go throughout the day.

Never knew to put chicken broth in with them, so I’m giving that a whirl with the first batch. Might hold off on that with the 2nd batch, we’ll see. Should’ve asked Grandma on the phone yesterday how they used to cook ’em. But now she’s headed out of town, so I’m on my own (with Dave in the video above) in figuring this out, never having boiled them for myself before. Had a boyfriend about a decade ago who boiled some up for me after learning when we visited my hometown, but never came across another Midwesterner open to the idea.

I’m looking forward to honing my skills here. chef

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