Thoughts on American criminality

Just a thought. What do you suppose a “criminal” is? A law-breaker, yes, but why? Because they won’t conform to standards written into law. And why is that? Because they’re all simply a bunch of thugs?

Well, I think there are a few reasons as to why. One important one is that there are too damned many laws on the books criminalizing so much of our behavior to where undoubtedly we all break laws and likely routinely. Misdemeanors maybe, but still. The point is it’s difficult living tightly restricted, and it triggers rebellious instincts in some of us.

Which leads me to the second reason which is that it is my belief that some of us are wilder than others, and by that I’m talking in terms of being “primitive” vs. properly domesticated by the new standards being set. It asks of us to be completely nonviolent and even hold back on displays of affection. It asks of us to accept employment conditions that are weird and not in most people’s best interest outside of the immediate concern with earning an income. What’s deemed acceptable and legal labor is another matter riddled with contradictions.

We’re asked to live as wage and debt slaves, to entertain ourselves through life, to think positive thoughts about the future, to trust two political parties that are obviously out of control, to trust that lawmakers have our collective best interest at heart (despite them not even reading what they’re signing into law), to believe that science from here on out will solve all of life’s problems and mysteries and that machines are preferable to human labor due to efficiency given the top priority. We’re asked to accept so much bullshit, and for what?

Some buck back. Some live under the radar so much as they are able. Some prefer not to have the IRS all up in their business (and those who need the IRS up in theirs are major corporations who are given the green light to pay the lowest percentages). Some are just tired of this society and all of its games and hogwash, and they just want to live out their days unplugged from as much of it as possible. I can’t blame them.

Then there’s the people who actually deserve to be labeled as criminals, and they include murderers (without warranted cause as in the case of self-defense), rapists, child molesters, thieves (but even there we get into some gray area over what constitutes private property in all cases, because we live in a time when biological material is being patented by major corporations charging a fortune for access to needed information; also a time when wealthy individuals and major corporations have the ability to buy up huge amounts of land and dictate how its resources are used, even when the resource in question is water — they claim ownership of it — and THEN they go far enough to pressure lawmakers to pass restrictions on residents collecting rainwater).

But anyway, I digress. Other criminals include pyramid schemers and corporate crooks (white-collar criminals rob people of FAR more money than all black-market-level thieves combined), those who seriously abuse and use others, arsonists, bribe-accepting politicians, embezzlers, and who else am I forgetting? Basically people who demonstrate a complete lack of regard for being responsible for seriously harming others. How that’s being defined and carried out today though is a far cry from what would be suitable and sustainable.

Now nearly anyone can wind up labeled a criminal, without even knowing it. And some people just accept that this is the way life goes and that all laws shouldn’t be followed, because not all laws are created equal. How much respect do we really have for the fool who abides by laws that work against his well-being? Or the laws that aim to determine his or her private and personal affairs? Or the laws that tell us what we can or cannot do with our own bodies? We realize law-makers can be wrong.

It’s kinda like being labeled as poor — over time you grow used to it and it no longer seems all that degrading. Who’s a criminal? According to how shit’s set up today, we all are. And personally, I don’t grasp the big pull toward being more law-abiding, because right about now is when our resistance is needed. Unless you’re interested in more bullshit. Because that’s what’s coming. More restrictions, more laws, more rules, more governance, more micro-managing, and more hostility and resentment as a result. Sound like fun to all of you?

Apparently most folks don’t mind, or at least they’re more worried about escaping negative consequences than stepping up or truly going their own way. If “your own way” is the same way as the status quo, does it make sense to claim it as your own?

There are dangerous criminals out here in society, that’s a given, but we see law enforcement efforts being directed toward busting people for growing weed in their basements and for older teenagers dating younger teenagers. Really people? That’s why we deserve to be taxed as much as we are? That and to fund neverending war.

Why do I even tease myself with believing people are interested in regaining the reins here?

Time for bed.

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